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Developing Innovative Strategies



HighCountry Marketing is a full-service Marketing Agency. Our services include SEM, SEO, Organic Social, Paid Social, Website Development, Graphic Design, & Video Production


We have worked on all sorts of projects, from designing a contractor's website to creating a metal workers logo, to running thousands of dollars in ad campaigns on both Google and all Social Platforms. 


We like to work with all sorts of clients. Our favorites are the Small to Medium businesses that often get overlooked by other agencies. 


Our owner, Jacob Moody, has over 12 years of experience in all facets of Marketing. After spending 8 of those years in Automotive, Jacob decided to branch out and work with Small businesses. Automotive is a very competitive and cutting-edge industry especially when it comes to Marketing. Those advancements are what we plan on implementing in your business.

We are not just an Advertising Agency, we are a Marketing Agency, here for small businesses. Even if you think you can't afford us, give us a call anyways you'll be surprised at what we can offer you. Our goal is to help every business succeed, not just the ones with big bank accounts.



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