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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the design and positioning of a website in organic search results. A good SEO strategy is about improving the quality and quantity of long-term traffic. Think of SEO as an insurance policy. 


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is also called Pay Per Click, SEM, or PPC. SEM is a short-term solution and has the availability to appear above organic search results instantly. With SEM there is no long-term waiting to see results.


Display Ads

Display ads are online billboards. If used effectively they can be the number source of sales/leads for your business. 


Video Production & Advertising

Video can be just as powerful of a tool as Display Ads. We can help with full production and distribution. 


Social Media

Social Media is the king of brand awareness. There are a lot of social media channels out there and it's our knowledge of your audience base to find the right one for you. We can also help with organic reach on these platforms.


Traditional Advertising

Digital advertising is not the end all be all form of advertising. A good newspaper, radio, tv, and billboard mix can be just as effective if done properly. We can help with the strategy, contract negotiation, and implementation with our various contacts and at the local media companies.

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